Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Service Tax Update

19/2014-ST dt. 25-08-2014

Seeks to amend the Service Tax Rules, 1994 (Second Amendment)

18/2014-ST dt. 25-08-2014

Seeks to notify the date on which Clauses A, B, C of the section 114 of the Finance (No.2) Act 2014 becomes effective.

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Chartered Accountants
CA Yashu Goel

Friday, 8 August 2014

DVAT Update - Circular No 7 dtd 05-08-2014

Delhi Tax Compliance Achievement Scheme (Amnesty Scheme)

Ø  Provided additional facility to Works Contract dealers who could opt the scheme by paying 1% or 3% of the turnover like an existing Composition Scheme.

Ø  The Assessment orders, issued, if any, become null and void in such cases once DSC 3 is issued.

Ø  But, the order shall stand in the System till it is nullified.

Therefore, to smoothen the process, and to maintain correct data base, it has been decided that in cases where DSC-3 has been issued, the assessment orders have to be nullified in the prescribed manner (Circular attached).


DVAT Return filling date extended upto 19/08/2014 vide Circular No. 8

Amendment in schedule VII of Companies Act, 2013