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Last date for filing form 9 extended

No Section 234A Interest on SA tax paid before due date of filing ROI

CIRCULAR NO. 2/2015, Dated: February 10, 2015Subject:Chargeability of Interest under Section 234A of the Income-tax Act, 1961 on self-assessment tax paid before the due date of filing of return of income-regardingInterest under Section 234A of the Income-tax Act, 1961 (hereinafter the Act) is charged in case of default in furnishing return of income by an assessee. The interest is charged at the specified rate on the amount of tax payable on the total income, as reduced by the amount of advance tax, TDS/TCS, any relief of tax allowed under section 90 and section 90A, any deduction allowed under section 91 and any tax credit allowed in accordance with the provisions of section 115JAA and section 115JD of the Act. Since self-assessment tax is not mentioned as a component of tax to be reduced from the amount on which interest under section 234A of the Act is chargea…

Late filing fee u/s 234E

Rashmikant Kundalia vs. UOI (Bombay High Court)S. 234E: The late filing of TDS returns by the deductor causes inconvenience to everyone and s. 234E levies a fee to regularize the said late filing. The fee is not in the guise of a tax nor is it onerous. The levy is constitutionally validThe late submission of TDS statements means the Department is burdened with extra work which is otherwise not required if the TDS statements were furnished within the prescribed time. This fee is for the payment of the additional burden forced upon the Department. A person deducting the tax (the deductor), is allowed to file his TDS statement beyond the prescribed time provided he pays the fee as prescribed under section 234E of the Act. In other words, the late filing of the TDS return/statements is regularised upon payment of the fee as set out in section 234E. This is nothing but a privilege and a special service to the deductor allowing him to file the TDS return/statements beyond the time prescribe…